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Sunday, September 25, 2005


The 5th of 40 weeks ...

The big news in our house is that we're expecting another baby. Yes, another one. Yes, it was planned. No, I'm not crazy. Yes, I know what causes these things. We're very happy that it happened so easily since in obstetric circles I'm practically considered a senior citizen at the ripe old age of 35. Yes, we're planning to find out the gender (that will be in early January, if all goes well.) Yes, we are hoping for another girl, but like all parents-to-be, we'll be delighted regardless and hope above all else for the baby's good health and well-being. The baby is due May 24. No, we're not really thinking too much about names yet ... probably not until we know the gender. Our families are happy (though a couple of the men do think we're gluttons for punishment, if not exactly crazy.) Justin is delighted. No, we haven't told Layth and Maya yet. We'll probably tell Layth once he can feel the baby move, and we'll probably tell Maya a month or so ahead of time, or whenever we think she'll have the slightest inkling of what we're talking about.

I know some of my readers like to keep up with every aspect of the pregnancy, while others would rather not know all the fine details, so look for a link called 'Baby' under Thinking on the left (to be added as soon as I make the time.) Those with a more pressing desire to know exactly how things are progressing can check there for the details.

There will be another addition on the left called 'Theology' soon ... I've already started work on that one, by request, and it shouldn't be much longer. I have so much to write, and so little time! I'll get busy this week, I promise. (Either that, or I'll edit this post to delete that promise and pretend it never existed, but that's another matter.) Let's hope for the best!

Edit: 'Theology' has come and gone, but can be found (along with other past topics) here.

Monday, September 12, 2005

16 de Septiembre

El Grito de Independencia. Mexican Independence Day. Though we don't exactly celebrate Mexican Independence Day, per se, nor is there even a smidgen of Hispanic blood in our line that I'm aware of, my mother and I do go to the parade in downtown Fort Worth every year to cheer Justin on as he marches in the JROTC color guard. This year the parade fell on September 10. We didn't recognize either of the flags they carried, nor did we understand much of anything said other than, "Viva Mexico!" However, we still had a lovely time, particularly as this was the first year Layth was truly able to appreciate the parade. It was like Halloween, without the effort. Every other float that passed tossed handfuls of candies to the children. Layth collected enough that we could probably just pass it out at Halloween rather than having to buy candy, except that I'd feel like a cheapskate if we didn't pass out the 'good stuff.' Maya enjoyed the colorful dresses and marching bands, as well as the horses. She seems to share Mina's interest in animals, though it's too soon to say whether she'll love them like Mina did, as well.

After the parade, Mom and I took the children to
Paciugo. If you have never tried Italian gelato, (or even worse, if you've only had it at a Disney World, like I had,) seize the first opportunity you have to go to Paciugo. Better than ice cream, we were addicted from the first visit. Black Cherry Swirl remains my all-time favorite, though I always get it along with something I've never tried, in case I discover a new favorite. Mom saved Maya and me from a bee while we were there. I was fully prepared to just leave the bib the bee had attached itself to behind, since the bee wouldn't leave, but Mom sent us on our way and retrieved the bib. If you don't already know, I have serious issues with bees.

Thanks, Mom!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Nocturnal Wanderings

Mischief-maker extraordinaire.

Layth has been up to no good lately. Now that he has discovered he can climb out of his crib (I know, he's really too old for it anyway,) a light awakening in the middle of the night that once would have resulted in his rolling over and going back to sleep is now seen as an opportunity for mischief. Mama and Gaga are asleep, after all, and there are so many off-limit things to do. So far, I've found mounds of toothpaste in the bathtub, on the carpet, and on the cat, dishwashing liquid in the cat's water, liquid soap all over the bathroom counter, and a toothbrush that I strongly suspect has been used for brushing either the carpet or the cat. My purse has been emptied and plundered for jellybeans, Carmex tubes have been emptied onto kitchen and bedside tables, and when he finally gets bored, he comes in to wake us up. He turns on the light on Maya's bassinet, as well as the music, and if that doesn't work, he might turn on the bedside lamp, too.

I've been able to persuade Layth to lay down with us and to be still and quiet, at least until dawn, but I can't sleep when the bed is that crowded. I either lay there half asleep and half awake, or I resign myself to taking him back to bed. We have doorknob covers on the door leading to our room and on his door leading out of his room, but he's also learned to maneuver those. I put a gate across his door, and he figured out how to reach over and open it. I put a trickier gate across the door, and he used his stuffed animals to help him climb over it. I stacked the easier gate on top of the trickier gate so he could neither reach nor climb over, and that worked for one night. He spent the next day studying the trickier gate and by the next morning could reach through the holes in the gate, open the latch, and push the lower gate out, crawling under the upper gate.

I was about 15 minutes away from going to Home Depot to buy a lock for his door when I had an inspired idea at the breakfast table. There were some plastic grocery bags hanging on the door to the pantry, which had a doorknob cover. I tied a bag securely over the doorknob cover and asked Layth to try to open the door. He wasn't interested in trying for long, but the results looked promising. I tied a bag over the doorknob cover in his room and hoped for the best. So far, so good! He's very clever, and I imagine this reprieve won't last long, but I'll take what I can get at the moment.

By the way, in case you haven't noticed the additions to the sidebar, have a look. Those areas are sometimes updated even when I haven't posted a blog in days.