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Sunday, August 26, 2001

Well, I'm finally getting over a cold. I thought the girls were going to get it with me. In fact, I think they started it. But they were fine the next day and I was the only one left suffering. As usual, the cold brought on a bout with asthma, but it's staring to clear up now.

We're gearing up for the trip to England now. We've ordered dresses for the girls for Amer's wedding. Pretty expensive but suitable for little princesses. The overskirts are a gauzy material with flower petals loose inside. Hard to describe, but I'll be putting pictures up after we get back, of course.

So much shopping and packing to do now, but I found the time to use up the last of those peaches from our trip to the orchard. I was so proud that we used all 21 pounds of peaches and not one went bad! This last cobbler I made was an iron skillet recipe and was by far my favorite. I'm considering putting up a favorite recipes page. Any thoughts on that?


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